As much as the creation of diamonds involves big numbers – they are made over billions of years, hundreds of kilometres below the Earth’s surface, and at extreme temperatures and pressures – the number of diamonds these conditions produce is relatively small. Large, jewellery-quality diamonds are rare, and can be difficult to source and extract from the rock that brought them into being. This rarity increases dramatically for fancy-coloured diamonds, which include yellows and pinks.

The journey that diamonds take through time and space to arrive in your hand is almost incomprehensible. And it’s in that deep and exquisite mystery that their value lies.

A certified diamond retailer, South African Diamonds offer individual and bulk diamonds that can either be purchased on their own, or designed and set according to your wishes. We are also able to match diamonds if you are looking for the partner to an existing stone.

All of our diamonds are laser inscribed with our Gemological Institute of America (GIA) numbering system and our unique OriginSA brand. These engravings are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen through a microscope or loupe with a magnification of 10 or more, but they are there as an indelible reminder of your diamond’s authenticity and worth.

OriginSA is a unique South African Diamonds and Millennium Diamonds brand that confirms that your diamond is an original South African product. Almost all of our OriginSA diamonds are also certified by the GIA as triple excellent diamonds. This means that they have scored an excellent rating in terms of polish, symmetry and cut, and are regarded as the best in quality diamonds.

We also carry a range of diamonds certified by the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) and the Idependent Diamond Grading Laboratory (IDL), as well as uncertified diamonds. None of these diamonds are laser inscribed.