Owning a diamond of your own, or giving it to someone as a symbol of love, is a matchless experience. In one stone, you are carrying the legacy of the past and the longevity of the future. You are carrying something of weight and worth that will endure for years and years to come.

South African Diamonds rank highly on all four Cs on which diamonds are assessed – cut, colour, clarity and carat. And while we pride ourselves in particular on the unparalleled cut of our diamonds, it is the fifth, and often overlooked, C – confidence – that we believe is the most important. When you hold a South African Diamond, you can rest assured that you are holding a natural piece of beauty, an authentic piece of history and an enduring legacy.

Our catalogue features close on 200 stones, each of which has been ethically sourced and cut according to the highest standards. Thorough details are provided on every stone, including individual 360-degree videos. If, however, after browsing through our offering you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us We will source, craft and deliver the diamonds of which you dream.