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Sale of South African Diamonds

Naledzi Diamond Cutting Works buys first parcel from State Diamond Trader.South African Rough Diamonds

This week saw the first purchase of rough diamonds by Naledzi DCW from the State Diamond Trader. Naledzi DCW is an empowerment company formed in 2008 with the intention of acquiring a rough diamond beneficiation license. This license was awarded in early 2009. Naledzi DCW is currently 18% owned by HDSA and 82% by Millennium Diamonds. By the end of 2010 the HDSA stake will have increased to 25%.

This is the first parcel of rough diamonds purchased by Naledzi DCW.

These diamonds are all produced by South African mines and will be polished entirely in Naledzi DCW factory. The HDSA stakeholders in the business are diamond polishers in the factory and will be involved in the manufacture of these diamonds from start to finish.

diamond sawn south african diamondThe first of these diamonds, a 3.30ct sawable diamond was marked and laser sawn today into 2 parts. The only visible imperfection in the diamond, a small gletz (crack) was controlled by a facet before sawing.  Naledzi hopes to cut the larger part of the diamond to a clean (VVS or better) round brilliant cut diamond  in an F plus colour slightly over 1.25cts. The “toppie” or smaller half should yield just under a quarter carat round brilliant. The rough diamond exhibits very slight fluorescence and as such the large finished diamond will be a very desirable item in the current market. The polished diamond will be certified by the GIA laboratory and Naledzi will aim to finish the diamond at minimum triple VG (this refers to the cut grade of the diamond).

The total parcel was 3 diamonds weighing approx 12cts in total. Watch this space to find out how the 3.30ct diamond turns out and to follow the progress of the other two rough diamonds.