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D Flawless Diamond

Naledzi DCW receives a final result on polished diamond from first parcel purchased at the State Diamond Trader. The round brilliant cut diamond was expertly polished from South African rough to achieve the best possible result. The polished diamond has been certified by the GIA laboratory as weighing 1.04cts, colour D and clarity flawless. The diamond has also received Triple Excellent on Cut, Polish and Symmetry.
Diamonds which are D Flawless are incredibly rare and as such command a high price and premium in the market place. The Triple Ex rating and nil fluorescence also add to the desirability of this diamond. Naledzi DCW is very pleased with the result on this polished diamond and looks forward to a continued successful relationship with the State Diamond Trader.
This diamond is for sale through the website of southafricandiamonds and is the best of the best in a 1ct round brilliant cut diamond.